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Bollin Green has continued to extend its calling campaigns across the EMEA Regions and other global territories based on client demand. Our proven ability to hire and train native speakers to conduct calls, at our in-house facility and amongst our well established team, is now a major part of the Bollin Green proposition. Tailoring campaigns to meet time frames and translation requirements, allows our clients to meet their overseas research needs.

Our approach to keep in-house calling within the U.K has proved to be a smarter solution, than organisations attempting to hire new agencies in their target territories. As we can verify, it is not just about the calling, but the understanding of propositions and the market you desire to work in. We believe knowledge is key and language requirements follow that. We ensure our callers understand each of our clients’ propositions and their prospect’s challenges, which is a standard Bollin Green approach, but most importantly, while the calls are carried out in local dialect, the outcomes to each conversation will be delivered in English (if desired) to allow our clients to both manage the campaign outputs and allow a full understanding of every opportunity in their desired territory.

If you have any requirements to execute global campaigns, we think it would make sense to meet with us before you scour the globe for an agency that might not understand or meet with all your needs. 

What makes us different

  • We have developed a partnership, which has reaped many rewards for us. Bollin Green’s campaigns are always delivered on-time, on-budget, without surprise, and have generated several high profile business wins for Heavey RF.


    Steven Watson, Managing Director

About Bollin Green

Bollin Green is no ordinary telemarketing agency, we're business-to-business strategists and sales people with over 35 years' experience. Our lead generation and market research campaigns are well-planned, personalised and powerful.


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