Case Study: Brownlow Utilities

How Bollin Green nurtured a savings pipeline of £2.6m, fuelled by extensive research and daily conversations with all levels of leadership within manufacturing businesses.

Case Study: Brownlow Utilities

Case Study: Brownlow Utilities 1920 878 Joe Green

Energy Consultancy

Services Provided:

Telemarketing, Inside Sales, Pipeline Management

Activity Outputs:
  • Bottom line growth from new customers

  • Established a “close only” lead funnel

  • Nurturing a pipeline of £2.6m potential savings

About the Client:

Brownlow Utilities is an energy consultancy specialising in added value, sustainable utility solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. They were founded in 2013 by Directors Shaun McClarnon and Stephen Cross following long-held leadership positions with United Utilities.

Shortly after launching, Brownlow identified an opportunity to work with tens of thousands of British businesses, on a unique utility bill validation consultancy. The scale of the project demanded extra resource, but the team was sceptical of outsourced telemarketing. That all changed with Bollin Green.

Read the case study below for an insight into how Bollin Green work within this ever-evolving, uniquely challenging sector to secure opportunities with businesses of all sizes.

Click here to download the full case study.
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