Bollin Green Telemarketing Gets a Face Lift!

Bollin Green Telemarketing Gets a Face Lift!

Bollin Green Telemarketing Gets a Face Lift! 595 439 Nathan Cousins

We’re thrilled to unveil our updated and refreshed brand identity. The update shows an evolution of the company and the marketplace we work within. Marketing has changed. Telemarketing has changed, but what we do has not. 

We Deliver Intelligence. 

Our core company practice has always been around providing actionable data and intelligence that leads to new business opportunities and creates genuine revenue growth for our clients. 

Our complete facelift has seen us create brand new marketing collateral from coasters, business cards, letterhead, presentation templates and travel mugs all the through to the most prominent element, our brand new website. We’ve even updated our logo to support a more modern medium and converted it over to be a responsive logo. Oh, and let’s not forget, we’ve even added an extra colour, purple, to help contrast all of the green!

Our company slogan has also updated to reflect what we do as a business. By tweaking the slogan, it has allowed us to expand our portfolio of services.

With our refresh, we’re pleased to introduce a collection of new services designed to accompany our core service of telemarketing. These new services have been selected and created specifically because they increase our companies lead, opportunity and data outputs for our clients. Our clients who have already embraced these new services are already reaping the benefits of increased lead rates and more effective telemarketing campaigns. More information on these new services you can click on the links below or visit our services page here.

Interested in seeing how Bollin Green can support your next campaign? Get in touch with our team today!

Let's go Back to Basics!

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