In-house VS Outsourced

Are you thinking about introducing telemarketing on a more permanent basis into your business? If you are, then you’ll already know that you have 2 options to pick between In-house or Outsourced. We know your time is precious so instead of creating an essay for you to read, we’ve created a quick pro’s and con’s list for both options.



  1. Expensive – Hiring cost, managing, equipment, databases, software, benefits, bonuses. It all adds up quickly.
  2. Training can be time-consuming.
  3. It is often “not the day job” so usually gets forgotten about as other things take priority.
  4. Increased workload on existing staff.
  5. Lack of focus and direction as its often not managed effectively.
Inhouse telemarketing disadvantages



  1. Advanced product knowledge.
  2. Can take a prospect from lead to customer.
  3. Can build lasting relationships if they become your customers point of contact.
Inhouse telemarketing advantages



  1. Telemarketing agencies can only take a prospect so far. They still require a salesperson to close.
  2. Telemarketing agents are specialists in using the phone, not your specific product/service – unless you use a strategic partnership.
  3. Training an outside person on your businesses value proposition can be time-consuming.
Outsourced Telemarketing Disadvantages



  1. Experienced telemarketers who know how to achieve their objective on the phone.
  2. Dedicated quality control and performance management.
  3. A structured, systematic approach.
  4. Resources managed for you.
  5. Leads are highly qualified.
  6. Increased accountability – If they do not deliver you do not renew.
  7. Higher ROI and more cost-efficient.
  8. Solely focused on delivering your agreed campaign objective.
  9. Dedicated phone line and Inbound call handling.
Outsourced telemarketing advantages

The Real Cost of an SDR

“I can hire an SDR internally for much less money”

We hear that statement all the time. But, can you really? We’ve placed below the average costs per year associated with bringing onboard an SDR internally.

  • Recruitment & onboarding– £5,000
  • Salary – £22,000 – £30,000
  • Commission – £3,000
  • Employee’s Costs – £4,000
  • Management Costs – £5,000 – £10,000

The true annualised cost of an internal SDR hire in the above (modest) example is £39,000 – £52,000. With that in mind, can you really hire an Internal SDR for cheaper than outsourcing?

the real cost of a SDR


There are plenty of businesses who, over time, have built successful in-house telemarketing teams which produce them a steady flow of qualified sales opportunities, But this approach can provide many challenges and can be expensive. Looking past the obvious financial investment there are other important factors to take into consideration such as management, process change, overhead, time, hidden costs such as call charges, Software, IT infrastructure.

Outsourcing will not make sense for every business but, it certainly has its advantages. High up on that list is the productivity and ROI that can be achieved when using a dedicated agency team. Agencies provide, process, skill sets, purpose-built software, and tried and tested approaches. And, if you are new to telemarketing or telesales, an outsource option will allow you to evaluate different models and approaches to determine what’s right for your business.

Outsourced Telemarketing

Why Bollin Green?

We at Bollin Green pride ourselves as a telemarketing company for taking a conversationalist approach to our work. We think building real relationships is the key to building lasting and successful businesses – which is why we are not a volume call centre. Our sales and marketing pedigree gives us a unique and complete understanding of the sales process, the buyers journey and how buying committees think, particularly when it comes to high-value consultancy services and industrial technology propositions.

We believe that the following is fundamental for building a successful telemarketing campaign:

  • Understanding the client’s value proposition and how it meets the needs of your prospects.
  • Assigning dedicated operators who have a high level of industry knowledge.
  • Providing highly trained and motivated operators.
  • Having dedicated performance managers who drive ROI.
  • Robust systems and processes that manage the lead process.
  • Language capabilities across global territories managed from one location.

Interested in seeing what we can do for your business?