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Your sales and marketing teams are only as effective as the data and prospect intelligence they’re working with. A Data Clean is designed to help clear out all of the unusable data in your database and get your teams refocused on real, actionable data that will generate new opportunities.

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Food for thought

of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting

Source: B2B Lead

only 8% of leads in an average B2B database have high probability to convert

Source: Mintigo

of organisations say data-driven marketing is their top strategic priority

Source: Adobe

Our Data Cleaning Process

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Review the data

Before we start we’ll review your existing data and agree on what data points you’d like to be cleaned. This could be things like phone numbers, emails and even addresses for your contacts. Once we know what and how much you want to be cleaned, we’ll be able to get stuck in.

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Format the data

The first thing we do is format the data. As a part of our data formatting process, we’ll change the file into a web-ready CSV, remove any duplicate records and restructure the columns (if needed) into an actionable structure. We’ll also make sure that the data is correctly formatted – For example, making sure all of the URLs, emails and phone numbers entered are consistently formatted.

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Clean the data

Once the data has been formatted, we’ll then start the cleaning process. Key things to be cleaned will be email addresses, phone numbers, address and general company information. Where possible we’ll try to add additional intelligence, but this data will be produced by automated means and won’t be verified. If you’d like for us to add verified and new intelligence to your data, our Data Refreshing service might be more your cup of tea.

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Structure the data

Now that the data has been cleansed, we’ll reach out to you to ask how you’d like the data structured. We’ll do our best to structure the cleansed data in a way that makes it as easy as possible to add it back into your CRM. Once we’ve structured it to how you want it, we’ll send it back to you via an encrypted data exchange.

FAQs about our Data services

  • We do source data on behalf of our clients if additional data is required at the start or during a telemarketing campaign. As a telemarketing company and third-party processor, we do not hold data and we do not provide it as a standalone service.

    We work with a collection of data providers as every client and campaign has different requirements. By working with different provides it enables us to find the best profile match for that specific campaign. The data we source is only sourced from reputable providers who are specialist in their field.

  • When we source data, it will be on your behalf. This means the data will be licensed to you, not us.

    The data we source will be licensed according to the requirements agreed during the briefing process we have with you. For example, if you only plan on a short telemarketing campaign, the data will only be licensed for a short period of time and for phone use only. If your campaign includes multiple channels and is planned for a longer duration, a long-term license that allows for multichannel use will apply.

    We never share data between clients, and we have a robust and rigorous process to ensure data integrity and confidentiality is maintained.

  • Yes. When we licence the data, it will be licensed to you, not us. This means if the license allows, you can use it for other marketing campaigns and activities.

  • Absolutely! We frequently work within our clients’ databases, which often comprises of cold prospects, warm leads, and existing customers.

    If the data within the database is poor, we can cleanse, refresh, and enhance the data to ensure its fit for purpose. In cases where there is too little data or our clients are looking to target new sectors, we can source additional data to supplement the existing data pool.

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