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Keeping your marketing funnel and sales pipelines filled with up-to-date information and prospects can be a time-consuming, costly process. Our GDPR compliant Data Refreshing service can help to keep your marketing and sales teams working with relevant data, ultimately reducing pipeline bloat, and improving sales and marketing efficiency.

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What is a Data Refresh?

People move jobs, change position, and even change their contact details all the time. Data refresh services are designed to keep your sales and marketing pipelines clear of old, out of date, information. In short, a data refresh is quite simply the process of updating existing contact information with the most recent information possible. This is usually done as a 1-by-1 process which can, unfortunately, make it a time-consuming exercise. However, it also means all the information gathered is up-to-date and verified. Which is why, If you’re a business who deals in a sector where it’s hard to come by new target accounts, data refreshing is a must!

Our Data Refreshing Process

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Review the old data

We’ll give your initial data a sanity check and make sure to take note of anyone who is currently CTP/TPS registered. We will then work closely with you to identify all of the key accounts that you would like to refresh your data for. As a part of this process, we’ll review any persona information you have, or create a basic persona if you don’t have any. This enables us to make sure that the contact information we gather during our research stage is the most relevant.

Research and verify

As a part of the refresh process, we’ll look for up-to-date contact information using a collection of different online sources. Once we have what we feel is the most up-to-date information for the most relevant contact, we’ll then verify it by reaching out to the person via the details found. If we can’t contact that specific person, we’ll try and find a suitable alternative contact at that company. As an extra precaution, we also verify all the email information gathered to make sure there are no bounced email addresses. As a part of our research and verifying process we may come across new business opportunities for your company, these will be provided to you as and when they appear.

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Return and format the data

At the end of the campaign, we will return the refreshed data back to you and discuss any opportunities that might have arisen. We can format the data into a structure that suits you, making it easier for you to import the data back into your own CRM.

FAQs about our Data services

  • We do source data on behalf of our clients if additional data is required at the start or during a telemarketing campaign. As a telemarketing company and third-party processor, we do not hold data and we do not provide it as a standalone service.

    We work with a collection of data providers as every client and campaign has different requirements. By working with different provides it enables us to find the best profile match for that specific campaign. The data we source is only sourced from reputable providers who are specialist in their field.

  • When we source data, it will be on your behalf. This means the data will be licensed to you, not us.

    The data we source will be licensed according to the requirements agreed during the briefing process we have with you. For example, if you only plan on a short telemarketing campaign, the data will only be licensed for a short period of time and for phone use only. If your campaign includes multiple channels and is planned for a longer duration, a long-term license that allows for multichannel use will apply.

    We never share data between clients, and we have a robust and rigorous process to ensure data integrity and confidentiality is maintained.

  • Yes. When we licence the data, it will be licensed to you, not us. This means if the license allows, you can use it for other marketing campaigns and activities.

  • Absolutely! We frequently work within our clients’ databases, which often comprises of cold prospects, warm leads, and existing customers.

    If the data within the database is poor, we can cleanse, refresh, and enhance the data to ensure its fit for purpose. In cases where there is too little data or our clients are looking to target new sectors, we can source additional data to supplement the existing data pool.

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