Designed to help you better understand your customers, prospects, competitors and markets.

In business we all sometimes must make educated guesses based on the intelligence that we hold, but businesses can achieve more when they start to make decisions based on detailed facts and intelligence.

Bollin Green Insights is our collection of research initiatives designed to help companies gather the intelligence and data they need to make growth-focused decisions.

What is Bollin Green Insights?

With 20 years’ experience of research and telemarketing services, we have always been acknowledged as a provider that delivers intelligence and provides insight into our client’s customers, prospects, partners and competitors.

Our research services are bespoke to suit our client’s requirements; we work closely together to design a programme, implement it and present findings on key areas of interest which have been geared to answer critical and often overlooked questions.

Our approach to Insights.

Our phone-based approach means we often get a lot more intelligence and anecdotal feedback from the contacts, something digital surveys just can’t do. We firmly believe the best way to communicate in the B2B world is by speaking directly with people.

Honest, Actionable Insight.

Our work will provide a true and honest reflection of recipient’s thoughts and feelings around a subject matter.

Deeper Intelligence.

Our work enables you to capture a lot more anecdotal information and insight via tailored questions. Something digital surveys struggle with.

Establish a Relationship.

Our work directly enables you to create rapport and builds an improved foundation for your key relationships.

A better understanding.

Important analysis of the markets and customers that you serve and how your products or services can be of benefit.

Detailed Reporting.

We will conduct analysis and present this information in easily digestible format, providing statistical overviews and detailed feedback.

Clear Goals & Outcomes.

Whether your goal is to better understand your prospects, or where you should be spending your marketing budget, our campaigns will deliver results you can rely on.

Examples of what Insights can provide:

Customer Feedback

We all want to think our customer love to work with us. We also like to think we know what challenges we solve, and why they choose us over the competition. But in reality, unless you have actually asked those questions, you’ll never know the real answers. And for many businesses, the real answers are often surprising.

New Market Identification

Understand the number of potential organisations, size of those organisations, their current providers, their appetite for your solution and many other key pieces of information. The intelligence gathered from these campaigns can ultimately help you to better evaluate this market, be that as a new market to sell into, expand your existing footprint in or even to avoid.

Brand & Product Awareness

Gain an understanding of how your customers interact with your brand, understand the channels which work, and how they see your identity. This can better help identify the right places to allocate your marketing budget, or understand which areas are underperforming.

Net Promoter Score

NPS is designed to give you a deep understanding of your customers wants and needs, and gather impartial feedback on your products or services, and gain insight on what it’s really like to work with you. Learn more about it on our dedicated page.

Win / Loss Analysis

Analysing your Win/Loss ratios and understanding why they are at the levels they are. Reviewing your lost opportunities is a powerful way of discovering common threads that you need to avoid in order to improve your sales effectiveness.

Competitor & Distributor Analysis

Discovering what your competition does and doesn’t do well can often help companies to improve themselves, and at times fill gaps in the market. Or understanding how your end customers deal with your distributors and partners can improve drive relationships.

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