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Outsourced Call Support

Do you lack the resources to handle all of your sales qualified leads? Or would prefer not to employ an internal team of sales execs? Inside Sales is the service you’re after! An Inside Sales team will act as your sales team, without all the overheads of employing the team yourself.

Getting a qualified sales lead is a complicated, time consuming and costly expense. Which is why it’s so important that when a sales qualified lead or important enquiry is generated, it must be handled correctly and swiftly.

With decades of sales and marketing experience, you can rest assured Bollin Green has your back when it comes to handling your sales qualified leads. Our Inside Sales service goes far beyond the initial sale and is more closely related to a full account management service. We believe building customers for life is key to business growth!

Effective salespeople know that listening is far more important then talking.

Lead Detection

Our sales experience gives us a unique stance in the industry as it allows us to differentiate a genuine lead from a time-wasting one. We use a collection of methods including segmentation, staging, lead scoring, data mining and cleansing, website tracking and feedback collection to identify new business opportunities – that create real business growth.

Indirect Sales

Managed by our end-to-end inside sales team, our indirect sales service is extremely popular in mid-market organisations. We’ll work closely with your internal sales teams to determine what their objectives are and also agree on the criteria of what a new sales qualified lead looks like. Once we have a sales qualified lead, it’s passed over to your internal team to attend the meeting or make the final approach and win the sale!

Appointment Setting

Once a lead has been identified, the next step is quite often to book a meeting where you can further explore the possible pains and challenges the prospect may be facing. This will allow us to tailor future messaging and our sales approach into something more relatable to the lead. 

Our engagement cycle doesn’t end with the appointment, though, we consider it to be a crucial part of the ongoing process of communication and account management. For information on our Appointment Setting services can be found here.


We work closely with our clients to determine what intelligence they need to close a deal. Our objective is always to provide tangible and actionable intelligence and leads which lead to genuine revenue growth.

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