Innovative lead qualification, with a simple approach

An approach built on
decades of knowledge

For the past 20 years Bollin Green has been supporting clients across the globe with their sales and marketing needs. Our specialisation in the industrial sector has given us unique insight into how companies with complex buying committees make decisions. This knowledge has allowed us to develop a robust and rigorous Lead Qualification process based on real experience and real business insight.

Lead Qualification is at the heart of what we do as a business and our process is something, we are very proud of. And the reason our tried and test approach works so well comes down to our ideology of keeping it simple.

Does our approach work?

We’ll let the below stats speak for themselves.


Conversations with decision-makers in the last 30 days.


is our average number of industrial leads produced each month.


roughly the number of industrial clients we’ve worked.


This is approximately how many countries we’ve found leads for our clients within.

How it works


Understand your value proposition

Before we do anything, we’ll work closely with you to get a comprehensive understanding of your value proposition, market and existing sales process. Without this knowledge, we wouldn’t be able to qualify leads to yours or our standards.


Establish lead criteria

Once we know how to convey your value proposition and know who to communicate it too, we’ll establish what your requirements are for your leads. For example, your prospects might need a minimum business revenue amount to be qualified or you might want to know the answer to a more specific question, such as current ERP solution or ERP user count.


Discover the prospects pains & challenges

During our initial conversations with the prospect, we’ll discover if the contact we’re dealing with meets all of the BANT requirements.  If the contact we have isn’t the right person, we’ll try our best to find a more suitable contact within the organisation to deal with. Once we know we’re dealing with the right contact, we’ll have an open conversation with them to discover what their pain and challenge points are.


Qualify the prospect

We’ll qualify the prospect based on the intelligence gathered during our conversations. We’ll look at whether their pain and challenges can be solved with your solution, and whether they fit the requirements we established during the briefing phase. Based on the conversation we’ve had with them, we’ll be able to predict the prospects future engagement needs and will qualify them accordingly. If everything marries up, we’ll then pass the lead over to your sales team.


Outline the next steps

During our conversations with the prospect, we’ll be warming them up by informing them of how your solution can solve their problems and making them completely aware of your business. This ensures that when the prospect is passed over to you it’s a red hot, ready to action, lead and they won’t need to be re-educated as to what your business does. This makes it far easier for your sales team to nurture these leads into real business opportunities whilst reducing any pipeline bloat. Where possible, we’ll even try to pre-arrange a call between the prospect and your sales team!

Interested in seeing how it could work for you?

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