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Get more bang for your buck thanks to Bollin Green’s unique approach to lead generation.

Our comprehensive lead generation strategy ensures that every piece of your marketing puzzle comes together perfectly. As your lead generation partner, we can support you across every element of the campaign, from data audit through to dynamic reporting.

With full-stack lead generation from Bollin Green, you can have total confidence that you’re getting the maximum return on your investment.

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Our approach to Lead Generation

At Bollin Green, our “full-stack” approach to B2B lead generation means we cover all the essential groundwork before delivering a campaign that works for you.

We start by undertaking a full data audit, so we know what data we’re working with and how to segment that data for campaigns. We delve into your target audience and market through diligent research, which means we understand who your prospective customers are and how to reach them.

Once we know what makes your audience tick, we can help you tailor your marketing strategy and messaging to resonate with key decision-makers – creating the kind of rapport that drives more leads and boosts your bottom line.

We then use this information to map out and deliver your campaign strategy, whether through online or offline methods. To reach potential customers who spend less time online, we can help you with methods including event marketing, press releases or telemarketing.

When your campaign is underway, we continually look at the stats to see where we can tweak things, ensuring you get the maximum ROI. What’s more, we produce reports that go way beyond mere figures to include tangible intelligence which you can use to inform future campaigns.


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Dynamic Reporting

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