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Lead Generation

Taking a full-stack approach to lead generation ensures that every piece of your marketing puzzle works in perfect harmony – which is why you need a lead generation partner who can support you with every element. You need more than just a marketing agency and more than just a sales partner.

Getting everything to work together is tricky, but once the full-stack is operating as intended, you can have complete confidence that your lead generation will be working to maximum effect and driving the highest value of return for your efforts.

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Lead Generation

Data Audit

Your campaign is only as good as your data is! Before any campaign can start a full data audit is in order! This way we’ll know what we’re working with, and how best to segment the data depending on campaigns etc. If you lack data or are in need of a refresh, check our data management page for more details on the different data-related services we offer. 

Market & Audience Research Analysis

Running a marketing campaign without doing the necessary research first is like driving a car with your eyes closed. Understanding who your target audience is and what their pains/challenges are, is crucial to being able to tailor your marketing message – helping to create a more relatable and conversion-focused approach to your marketing. We offer a suite of research services; more details can be found here.

Prep the Narrative

Once you know what makes your audience tick, you can tailor your marketing strategy and messaging to resonate with them. Ultimately helping to create more rapport with your leads, it’s crucial that they can relate to messaging your business is conveying. Don’t forget to think about what is the best way to market to your audience. If your audience spends little to no time on the web or social media, it’s worth thinking about event marketing, press releases or telemarketing.

Campaign Mapping

Once you know the who, what and how you can now start to map out your campaign strategy. This stage is vital if you want to run and manage multiple campaigns at the same time successfully – and given one size doesn’t fit all, running various campaigns with different messaging to different buyer persona’s is best practice.

Engage With Your Audience

Now here’s the fun part, engaging with the audience. Publishing your campaigns, sending out your collateral or picking up the phone is just the start. Make sure to look at the stats and performance of your campaign to tweak things moving forward to make sure you get the biggest ROI possible.

Dynamic Reporting

Reporting. It’s the bane of every manager’s life, but it’s also the most critical thing to do. Without creating effective reports, how would you know what you’re doing is working? Here at Bollin Green, we specialise in generating reports that go far beyond just the figures; they add tangible and actionable intelligence which you can use to adapt your campaigns moving forward.

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