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Bollin Green specialises in a range of industrial sectors. This focus is based on our direct experience and understanding of the sector and the trading characteristics found within the industrial space. Our specialised experience forms a big part of our value-add approach and we believe this knowledge and experience is something to not be taken for granted as it provides real benefits to our engagement process. Combining this knowledge with our diverse range of services and skills has enabled us to create research systems that truly develop business growth opportunities in this space.

What’s your sector?

Our clients provide complex high-value technology and business improvement solutions that require high-levels of industrial knowledge and understanding to be articulated effectively. Something your standard call centre telemarketing agency cannot do!

Oil, Gas & Chemicals
Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
Aerospace & Defence
Construction & housing
Food & Drink
Retail/Omni Channel
Energy & Waste
Logistics, Distribution & Supply Chain
Field services

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