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Get more qualified leads from a representative you can trust with Outsourced Sales.

With decades of marketing experience already under their belts, you can trust our team of specialist sales development reps to earn more leads for your business.

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When you’re running a business, resources are often stretched to their limits. It may be, then, that you don’t have the capacity to handle all of your qualified leads. Bollin Green’s helpful and experienced team of sales development representatives can step in.

Of course, it’s not easy to win qualified sales leads. But, together, our sales reps have garnered decades of experience in their field, and know what it takes to ensure a steady flow of red-hot leads.

Our SDRs approach opportunities in a strategic and flexible manner, moving quickly to act on them – which helps prevent your business from missing out on valuable leads. Equally adept at persuasion and gathering intelligence, our reps also know exactly how to sell your brand to leads.

What’s more, because they only hand over sales-ready leads, Bollin Green SDRs lighten the load on your internal sales execs, allowing them to focus on closing deals quickly.


Earn more qualified sales leads with the help of our expert SDRs


Avoid missing out on important leads


Allows your internal sales team to focus on closing deals


Scale up sales resource to your needs

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