Multilingual Telemarketing

When an unmissable opportunity is overseas, a phone call is your best communication tool. And when you need to bypass difficult gatekeepers or engage in complex, technical conversations to sell your products, Multilingual Telemarketing allows you to take your brand into new markets with the confidence that you’re sending the right messages.

Bollin Green’s Multilingual Telemarketing services help businesses realise their global ambitions by approaching key export markets, including Germany, France, The Netherlands and Spain, through telephone conversations and pitches delivered with the natural clarity and fluency of native speakers.

Why use
Multilingual Telemarketing?

Scalable, Responsive Campaigns

Keep in control of your costs and avoid the hassle of employing and managing multiple agencies or extra in-house resource. With a broad team of native speakers in multiple diverse languages, all based in a single location, our multilingual sales campaigns can quickly respond and scale to changes in your requirements and budget.

One Location, One Contact for Multiple Campaigns

Our multilingual telemarketing campaigns are all managed from our UK admin hub. Our team can plan and co-ordinate campaigns in multiple countries, compare results and make adjustments without needing to navigate communication barriers or timezone differences – ensuring consistency, flexibility and clarity.

Identify new Opportunities with Detailed Insights

With Bollin Green, the world is your oyster. Our Market Research and Firmographics insights inform focused and effective campaign strategies that deliver growth opportunities in multiple countries. Our Inside Sales approach nurtures your relationships and secures sales in difficult regions.

Overcome Language Barriers with Native Speakers

Marketing your brand in an unfamiliar language can prove challenging – poor translations and mispronunciations can confuse and even offend your target customers. Bollin Green’s multilingual telemarketing is conducted by native speakers who understand the complications that can become barriers in a conversation.

Our Multilingual
Telemarketing Services

Our full suite of telemarketing services are available as multilingual campaigns. Whether you need support with your day-to-day sales communications, or require an individual campaign such as a new product launch or an event, we can help you achieve the results you need.

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