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Go global and take your business into new international markets.

Multilingual telemarketing can help your business branch out into global markets and make the most of international opportunities.

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There are a lot of amazing business opportunities overseas, waiting for enterprising firms to take advantage. If you have international ambitions for your company, Bollin Green’s multilingual telemarketers can help you make them a reality.

Experts at fostering lasting relationships and holding insightful conversations, our team of multilingual telemarketers can help your business go global by speaking to leads in their own language, giving your overseas growth ambitions a major boost.

Our multilingual marketers enable you to tap into the immense potential of global markets, from qualifying inbound leads, enticing attendees to your events or simply boosting your brand. With native-speaker multilingual telemarketers from every continent and key export market, the future your business has never been brighter.

Bollin Green’s Multilingual Telemarketing services have helped establish business and generate opportunities in key export markets, including Germany, France, The Netherlands and Spain.


Native-speaker multilingual telemarketers from every continent and key export market


Build strong relationships with overseas prospects


Close more deals and break into new markets around the world

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