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Arrange meetings with relevant and interested leads with B2B Appointment setting.

There are countless marketing tools available today, yet there’s no substitute for a proper chat with a prospect when learning about their challenges and goals.

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When you’re running a business, you’ve got so many tasks to juggle that you’re left with only so much time to spare. At Bollin Green, we only book validated appointments with the best chance of selling your product or service – so we don’t waste time on irrelevant or uninterested leads.

Before each meeting, we provide you with all the information you need about a prospect’s situation – giving you a clear picture of what they’re looking for. We can arrange face-to-face or phone appointments, depending on your requirements.

It might be that your prospect needs a bit more time to think things over. That’s no problem – because we can stay in touch and work to a pre-arranged handover strategy, reducing the risk of any missed opportunities.


Book appointments with relevant and genuinely interested leads


Sales intelligence to help you prepare for meetings


Hold face-to-face or phone appointments according to your needs


Avoid missed opportunities by keeping prospects warm

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