We’re no ordinary Telemarketing agency.

Bollin Green has been working with its clients to deliver robust sales and marketing campaigns, with telemarketing at the heart of the process for over 20 years.

We are a group of highly trained and focused sales professionals that can communicate with all levels of decision-maker. We’ve supported businesses from SME’s to enterprise-level companies across the globe – working on small local campaigns to multimillion-pound international campaigns. This wealth of knowledge has given us a unique insight and allows us to offer a real value add service when it comes to helping our clients execute their sales and marketing initiatives across many industrial sectors.

We work closely with our clients to deliver highly qualified leads that their sales teams are happy to adopt and run with while enriching their data with genuine intelligence. Both of which ensure marketing and sales drives are more successful and deliver high ROI.

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What we’re about


For us here at Bollin Green, challenging campaigns are the norm. We thrive with a challenge, and we always go the extra mile and provide a genuine wow factor. And you can’t do that if you don’t have any…


We love what we do! And we have a strong belief that we won’t succeed if we don’t have passionate people. People who go the extra mile to understand the client’s expectations and how our business can help to exceed those needs.


Our aim is always to provide the best, whether it leads to our clients or new ideas for business development. One of our office core mantra’s is “quality over quantity.”

A bit about our history

Bollin Green was formed to provide research and new business generation calling services to a niche set of businesses. Our proposition was not about the number of calls but the quality of calls. It was about, campaign preparation and approaching people in an educated and informed way helping to talk sense to busy people who had many business headaches and challenges. From our own experience, we knew that without the knowledge you are unable to engage with prospects effectively.

Our core ethos has always been,

To set out to know more about the clients business than the client himself!

Preparing our calling teams to have the right information about sector, technology, proposition and business challenge is key. This approach has provided us with an enviable client list that spans the globe. Our unique stance on using native speakers from a single office location has allowed us to maintain a high level of quality assurance around our lead output. Pair all this together, and it’s easy to understand why our clients continue to grow their spend with us year on year!

Moving forward to today, we now offer many different tactics of engagement but with a firm focus on telemarketing. After all, it’s the calls that get the conversion moving and allow us to gather the required intelligence to enable our clients to have an advantage when they engage with the leads.

Meet the management team

Peter Green

Diane (Di) Green

Joe Green

Coralie Boylin

Coralie Boyllin

A global reach of native speakers, all operating from our UK office

Working from our office in Macclesfield UK, our multilingual team of native speakers are helping to push the boundaries for our clients. With experience throughout EMEA, APAC and the Americas, you can rest assured we’ll be able to support your next campaign, no matter who you’re targeting.

Bollin Green’s management structure and processes are designed to deliver a high level of quality across all regions and campaigns.

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