About Us

Bollin Green has more than 20 years’ experience in B2B lead generation, delivering concrete results for our clients in the form of quality leads and market-ready opportunities.

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About Us

We’re highly trained and focused sales professionals, willing and able to communicate with decision-makers at all levels. We’ve supported businesses across the globe – from SMEs to enterprise-level companies – on everything from small, local campaigns to multimillion-pound international campaigns.

At Bollin Green, we work closely with our clients to deliver highly-qualified leads that their sales teams are happy to adopt and run with, while enriching their data with genuine intelligence. Both of these help to ensure marketing and sales drives are successful and deliver high ROI.

What’s more, we offer different packages and types of support to suit your business’s specific needs and growth ambitions:


Solve a sales resource problem or see a new business goal through to completion. Perfect if you need expert skills to achieve a specific, short-term sales or marketing goal.


Get ongoing support to generate quality market-qualified leads. Ideal for closing more deals from regular campaigns.


A multi-operator dedicated resource to keep your pipeline continuously full of qualified prospects with high conversion potential. Perfect for capturing and closing every possible sales opportunity at a high-scale, pan-European level.

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We help sales leaders meet growth goals by improving the quality and quantity of leads in your pipeline and providing you with a steady flow of market-ready opportunities.

Here’s how we make this happen:


An enormous understanding of sector niches and the decision makers within them


Delivering qualified leads from senior decision makers who are ready to buy


Diligent processes to guarantee ROI and your pipeline’s continued conversion potential


Constantly learning and growing our intelligence about your business and your sector

Telemarketing is at the heart of what we do, but our services are as diverse and agile as you need. From appointment setting to Inside Sales, delegate booking to research, multilingual sales to data strategy – Bollin Green are the B2B lead generation partner for growing pipelines and closing more deals.

Bollin Green’s aim is to deliver leads likely to convert, that your internal team can act on immediately. Our representatives are highly skilled, expertly trained and hugely insightful – committed to helping you sell more and drive ROI.

Together with our strategic and leadership team they deliver qualified leads every campaign scope – project to ongoing, local to international, SME to blue-chip, transactional to complex.

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The Bollin Green Promises

Continuous pipeline management from an SDR you know
Robust, strategic qualification and handover processes
Equal expertise applied to every service package
Sector specialists with diverse lead generation skills
Transparent and timely reporting focused on ROI
Dedicated Account Manager and Campaign Performance Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy data from Bollin Green?

You can buy data from Bollin Green or provide your existing database for us to clean, scope and qualify. Rest assured, whatever the source of your data, we’ll put the work in to ensure it’s compliant and has conversion potential before we pick up the phone.

Is there a minimum project time or cost?

You can work with Bollin Green flexibly depending on your lead generation goals and prerequisites. Enlist our support for a one-off project, benefit from our expertise on a regular campaign basis or appoint us as your ongoing lead generation team. Although there is no minimum contract – or cost per lead model – we will always recommend a balance of hours versus your desired outcomes.

Can I talk to my representative?

Yes – and any time you like. Bollin Green customers have a dedicated Sales Development Representative (SDR) continuously calling on your behalf. You’ll know them by name, have their email and direct line and be able to speak with them whenever you wish.

I’ve not got a CRM – can I use yours?

Yes, you can use Bollin Green’s bespoke CRM – designed and owned by us and optimised for B2B telemarketing lead generation. We can integrate with any number of third, party platforms, set up custom reports and accommodate any other unique requirements. Whether you use our CRM or not, you always own
your data.

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