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Due to the myriad intricacies of each sector Bollin Green operates within, it is essential that the team are immersed in an environment of knowledge sharing and constant learning. This is why we’re able to have conversations with high-level executives in such a variety of fields and convert so many into prospective business partners – we know what we’re talking about.

Bollin Green has built a reputation on the strength of its expertise in lead generation, profiling and market research. From the top down, industry knowledge and best practice sales and research techniques have been developed and nurtured over the business’ twenty year tenure, laying strong foundations upon which the team has been able to grow and further develop, from strength to strength.

Green Roots

The Greens started the business with a wealth of sales, account management and business development experience, much of it done within the sectors they still serve today, and their experience has been invaluable in the successes the company has enjoyed, from its own continued growth to the successes we enjoy with our clients when we deliver an effective campaign.

How the Team Talks

Of course, the Greens haven’t been able to make every phone call for quite some time. This is why they’ve recruited a diversified team of specialists coming from industries such as manufacturing, I.T. and beyond, and from vocations ranging from sales, marketing and research to engineering. The depth and breadth of industry understanding at the Bollin Green offices is put to use, daily, by business-to-business strategists practised in all aspects of prospect lifecycle management.

Most recently, our EMEA Marketing division has grown exponentially as the demand increases for a UK-based service, and our operators are all native language speakers of the countries to which they market – so no confusing and potentially deal-damaging misinterpretation. We’re delivering tangible results from both a lead generation and company/industry profiling perspective, which means we’re busier than ever!

The Future

Business is booming at Bollin Green. Our clients are seeing the way we work and have realised the artistry and additional data services that come with our lead generation are more often than not the defining factor in what our clients value so much about the telemarketing campaigns we provide.

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Joe Green

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