Crucial B2B Appointment Setting Metrics to Measure Now

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If you run a business, you’ll already understand the importance of hard data in assessing how your organisation is performing. But to interpret that data – and the overall success of your strategies – successfully, you need to understand which metrics are the most enlightening.

Using the right key performance indicators can provide you with deeper insights into how your business functions. So, if you’re looking to secure more qualified leads through B2B appointment setting, it’s important to choose the right metrics to measure its effectiveness.

Appointment setting is proven to boost sales and revenue, but you’ll need to keep a watchful eye on it to ensure that you’re meeting these objectives. Here are some of the key metrics you should be using to measure your B2B appointment setting campaign.

Open and clickthrough rates

When reaching out to people via email, open rate and clickthrough rate are vital metrics in assessing the effectiveness of your emails. The open rate tells you how many emails have been opened by potential clients, and the clickthrough rate indicates how many are clicking on links in your emails.

Open and clickthrough rates therefore tell you whether or not an email outreach campaign is working. If people aren’t opening your emails or aren’t clicking on the links contained in them, your campaign won’t secure as many leads as it otherwise would.

Response rate

The response rate tells you how many contacts are getting back to your appointment setters. If your campaign is failing to elicit many responses from potential leads, this may be a sign that you’re targeting the wrong people or that your initial pitch is failing to ignite sufficient interest.

If your response rates are consistently below-par, the chances are that the people you’re addressing aren’t convinced by what you’re offering. This is why you need to have a clear idea of what your target market is, so you can devise a more efficient and better-targeted appointment-setting strategy.

Lead response time

This tells you how long it takes, on average, for your appointment setters to follow up with a lead. The sooner your sales reps follow up with a lead, the better their chances of actually arranging a meeting – so it’s particularly important to monitor this metric closely.

If your lead response time is excessive, this may suggest that your sales team isn’t as productive – or as attentive – as they should be. It may therefore be worth thinking about whether you should outsource B2B appointment setting to a specialist agency.

Appointment show rate

The appointment show rate is another important metric. This tells you how many leads are actually turning up to appointments where they’ve been arranged, which in turn gives you a clearer idea of how much return you’re getting on your investment.

If a high proportion of leads aren’t attending meetings, there may be a range of factors at work. For instance, it may be that you haven’t sent them reminders ahead of the meeting and they’ve just forgotten, or perhaps your appointment setters are simply targeting the wrong leads.

Conversation-to-appointment ratio

Your conversation-to-appointment ratio is a key indicator of how effective your sales reps are at pitching your offering to potential clients. It measures how many appointments are booked as a proportion of the overall number of conversations held with leads.

For outbound calls, a conversation-to-appointment rate of between 10-20% is generally considered to be good. However, if your sales reps aren’t reaching this level consistently, it could be that they’re failing to communicate to leads just how your business can help them and how its offering is relevant.

Sales conversion rate

The ultimate acid test of your B2B appointment setting strategy is your sales conversion rate – because the revenue that comes with sales is the lifeblood of any business. So, you need to ask yourself: how many contacts are actually converting into completed sales?

A healthy sales conversion rate tells you that your appointment setting strategy is reaching the right leads and that your sales team is doing an effective job of pitching your offering to prospective clients. You should continually monitor conversion rates closely to gauge the efficiency of your campaigns.

At Bollin Green, our team has many years of experience in B2B appointment setting – and they only target leads who have the sort of problems that your business can address.

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