Is Telemarketing Right For Your Business?


Bollin Green has been offering its clients business-to-business telemarketing services for over 15 years. Telemarketing is at the heart of our business. Our pedigree is evidence of the quality of our work; the added value we deliver keeps our clients coming back time and time again – but, for the unconvinced prospective client, we feel it’s worth outlining exactly why people use telemarketing, and who should be leveraging its numerous advantages over other forms of sales prospecting.

Growth & sales

If your short- to medium-term business plan’s focus is growth then your sales team will need to be fed a strong and steady flow of prospects. Enter telemarketing. Not only will these prospects have been pre-vetted to ensure their needs are conducive with your business’, they will be ‘warm leads’ ready and willing to engage with your company, saving your salespeople an inordinate amount of time and effort that can be more productively spent on converting your sales pipeline into business.

Understanding customer feedback

Positive or negative, customer feedback is of incredible value to a business. Positive feedback can boost sales whilst simultaneously reinforcing best practices, but criticism is equally valuable; it allows businesses the opportunity to improve their product and service offerings.

Here at Bollin Green we are experienced in various types of customer feedback research. On-the-shelf and off-the-shelf programmes can be agreed with clients on an individual basis.

Understanding market trends

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you run a business, you will no doubt have a plan in place, but without accurate, current knowledge of market your plan will be built upon shaky foundations. By identifying and understanding market trends it is possible to: (1) forecast future sales and (2) anticipate changes and events that will have an impact on your business.

Buying patterns

Knowledge of your customers’ buying patterns is priceless business intelligence, and this is particularly true in the B2B market, where purchases are only made after meticulous checks and much deliberation.

We ask the questions that supply our clients with a depth of understanding about prospects’ purchasing habits that their competitors lack.

Decision-maker hierarchy

How clearly you see the structure of a prospect company can end up being the difference between winning new business quickly and wasting precious time using your powers of persuasion on the wrong person. We identify the individuals who make up the influencer group as a matter of course, so when our clients receive a lead from Bollin Green they can be confident that they have the full picture and a clear view of who to engage with.

Lost bid analysis

Losing bids is an inevitability within the highly competitive world of business. “You can’t win them all,” they say.

They also say that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Our lost bid analysis service safeguards our clients against this eventuality by providing them with an in depth understanding of the decision making behind lost business.

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