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Close more deals with remote selling.

Our specialist representatives help your business build strong relationships – and a healthy sales pipeline – through remote selling, closing more deals on a leaner budget.

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Inside sales, or remote selling, is one of the most effective and cost-efficient sales channels out there. Our team of specialist sales development reps can help your business close more deals over the phone, boosting your sales pipeline.

The arrival of new technologies has radically changed the way that businesses – not just consumers – buy products and services. At Bollin Green, our expert reps use data and intelligence-gathering to guide prospects along the pipeline, which means they can provide a continual flow of valuable leads.

We understand that businesses’ needs are constantly changing. That’s why you can scale inside sales as and when you need to. We can manage your pipeline long-term – making sure that no leads are missed – or we can focus on high-priority relationships, or flex to suit your campaign activity.

A rep with specialist knowledge of your sector, and who you’ll know by name, will manage the entire process – providing a personal touch that can make a world of difference – while our strategic team will continually tweak and fine-tune it.


Boost your sales pipeline by closing more deals


Expert reps provide a flow of valuable leads


Flexibility to suit the changing needs of your business

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