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Changes to buyer behaviour, buying committees and the development of new technologies has made remote selling one of the most efficient and cost-effective sales channels available. Our specialist Sales Development Reps can help your business to build a healthy sales pipeline via remote prospecting, nurturing relationships and closing deals over the phone.

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What is Inside Sales?

Inside Sales is all about creating a conversation and relationship with prospects. As such inside sales campaigns involve multiple interactions with a prospect over a longer period of time.

When running an Inside Sales campaign, we utilise more communications channels than just the phone. Our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) will use a mixture of social media, email, and the phone to find and communicate with prospects.

When to use Inside Sales

Inside Sale is a very powerful sales approach when you are looking to:


your sales capacity to meet your business needs.


with prospects in an open, two-way conversation.


prospects and create lasting relationships.


customer advocacy and loyalty to your business.


qualify and nurture prospects through the buyer’s journey.


your campaigns with lead qualification and prospecting.


your sales pipeline by filling it with hot leads, instead of cold ones.


the life of an active customer by introducing new products or services to replace existing ones.

Our Approach to Inside Sales

Inside Sales Funnel - Identify

1. Identify

During the Identify phase, you’ll want to conduct a market research campaign. This will help you to discover not only your target audience but also the challenges and pain points that they are facing. Ultimately enabling you to tailor your marketing and sales approach in later phases. The information gathered during this phase is often used to create a powerful Buyer Persona or/and a Firmographic.

Inside Sales Funnel - Engage

2. Engage

The engage phase is all about filtering and prioritising your target audience. This can be done via a collection of different methods such as email marketing and social media. However, because these channels don’t create an open dialogue between your business and your prospect, it often creates false positives and misses opportunities. This is why we suggest a combination of these channels, coupled with picking up the phone and speaking to people, as this is the most reliable way of gaining new information and insight on a prospect.

Inside Sales Funnel - Nurture

3. Nurture

The nurture phase is all about building a relationship with the Decision Maker to see if there is a real opportunity. And if there is, you will want to gather as much information about it as possible. Here at Bollin Green, we use a collection of Lead Qualification methods to determine if they are sales-ready or not.

Inside Sales Funnel - Close

4. Close

When a prospect who meets all of our lead qualification criteria has been discovered, we’ll either pass the prospect over to your internal sales team to close the deal, or we can close the deal for you. In most cases, we normally pass the lead over to our to sort out all of the ins and outs of the deal.

Does our approach work?

We’ll let the below stats speak for themselves.


Conversations with decision-makers in the last 30 days.


is our average number of industrial leads produced each month.


roughly the number of industrial clients we’ve worked.


This is approximately how many countries we’ve found leads for our clients within.

Want to see how Inside Sales could generate you sustainable sales pipeline?

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