3 ways to use telemarketing to boost your marketing drives


With an ever-growing number of digital marketing trends in recent years, it comes as no surprise that some businesses consider telemarketing to be outdated. You’ve probably heard the myths too; telemarketers will not add any value to your business… they are also unproductive and overpriced. Well, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Unlike most of the current data-driven marketing techniques, telemarketing provides a channel that creates a deeper level of engagement with your customers. Forget the skewed perception resulting from disreputable agencies famed for cold calling.

When conducted in a strategic and flexible way, both as a standalone method or integrated into other approaches, telemarketing will help your business enjoy the value of human engagement, which in this case is closing deals. Here are three strategies to consider in outbound telemarketing:

Generating quality leads

A great marketing strategy cuts through all the noise and funnels only the high quality leads to the sales team. A lack of adequately qualified leads will only lead to time wasted on the sales team’s end. Therefore, ensure your telemarketing resources are increasing sales.

Having a phone-based approach to your telemarketing, for instance, can help in lead generation and qualification. In this case, your telemarketers interact directly with potential customers, which not only helps them to understand their needs and challenges but also builds a brand relationship with each customer.

With this, you can create personalised marketing messages targeting these customers. This ensures your resources only go to high-quality leads; no more sales agents chasing dead ends.

Inside sales

Inside sales help in the generation of demand for your service, contacting multiple customers using various touchpoints – over the phone as well as other communication channels.

Telesales support staff know your business services and products inside and out, allowing them to act as consultants to your prospects. A carefully customised outbound outreach strategy also ensures your team doesn’t run up against a lack of answers to questions as they cultivate leads.

Event & webinar marketing

Events and webinars provide you with the opportunity to engage potential customers in an open dialogue. This not only gives you the chance to showcase your products, but it also allows your telemarketer to follow up afterwards to see how they found it. This can be used to gauge your prospect’s interests.

In addition to this, you also get the chance to call those who didn’t reply to your invitation or attend and find out why – helping your future marketing efforts.

As shown in these strategies, telemarketing is more than the famed cold calls and intrusive outbound selling. With the necessary skills and strategies, telemarketing will enhance the number of high-quality leads you have, ultimately ensuring your marketing team has a high ROI.

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Joe Green

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