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At Bollin Green, one of our core ethos’s is to constantly push ourselves to do better. Which is why we are constantly improving, innovating and adapting our service offering to meet the needs of our clients. We like to maintain an open dialogue with our clients as we believe it is a key step to creating a lasting relationship.

Over the past few months, we are been listening carefully to what our client’s need and want from our current and new services. As such, we have recently invested in brand new technology that will enable us to better fulfil those needs. But before we get into that, let’s look at what the common challenges and needs our clients presented with.

  1. They knew who their dream accounts were but did not know the contact information for the decision-makers.
  2. They had low quality, and often outdated, contact information that needed verifying and enhancing.
  3. The contact information they did have was often for low-level decision influencers rather than the main decision-maker.

With these three challenges in mind, we sought out a brand-new piece of technology that would help us and our clients to overcome them. We are pleased to say we managed to find a data platform that enables us to solve all these challenge points.

We are recently been trialling it on a collection of our active client campaigns, to great success so far. We are already seeing improves across the board, such as:

  • 5 times the amount of decision-maker contacts in client databases where this platform was used.
  • 22% increase in the volume of calls made. With a 38% increase in the number of calls to decision-makers made.
  • A reduction of “out of scope” / “not applicable” contacts by 13%, ultimately making our operators more effective.
  • A 12% increase in the number of emails sent, with a 39% increase in the volume of verified email data.

All this general campaign improvement has ultimately led to an increase in lead output of 12.8%. And as a business who helps our clients to get new leads, this is precisely what we want to be doing!

To accompany this new platform, we’ve also trained our staff on a brand new approach, Inside Sales. This new approach allows our staff to take full advantage of the digital channels available in accompaniment with our improved telemarketing offering.

Interested in seeing how all of this could work for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Joe Green

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