Why Industry Specialists Thrive at Lead Generation


As the economy gradually recovers from the pandemic, businesses want to fill their sales pipelines with quality opportunities, and quickly.

Achieving these two objectives is no easy feat but strengthening your new business efforts with specialist knowledge can make fast, focused lead generation a reality. Here we explain the benefits of working with a specialist telemarketer who understands in-depth your own industry, and that which you’re targeting.

They can get straight to business

With industry specialist telemarketers, you’re already a step ahead. An experienced agency will set very clear expectations from the start – using their insight and experience to give a strong idea of your campaign approach and performance.

Through real-world experience and constant exposure, they have the insight fundamental to campaign effectiveness. This is fantastic for scoping out how many leads you may achieve, determining the best tempo for the campaign, and setting clear, ambitious KPIs.

A good telemarketing agency will also have an excellent understanding of your industry and target audience personas from the get-go. Their insight helps identify the data that will yield the strongest and fastest returns, and ways to shape a conversation for maximum success.

You’ll of course want to share information that will help enhance your agency’s technical understanding, specific to your offering. With industry specialists, this briefing time is streamlined, putting representatives on the phone and driving leads potentially in a matter of days rather than weeks. And crucially, without compromising on quality.

They keep the conversation flowing

An industry specialist telemarketer has the knowledge and experience fundamental to building instant rapport and knowing how – and when – to keep pursuing a lead.

A general salesperson may be fantastic at persuading a gatekeeper or starting a really intriguing conversation, but industry specialists have the tools to discuss any tangent at length, ad-libbing with a prospect as they share their challenges, objectives and even just interests! They’ll never let a lead run cold and the conversation will continue to flow seamlessly and in the right commercial direction.

For example, a manufacturing prospect may discuss their ERP difficulties – of which the solution being sold addresses, and the salesperson is trained in. But the call may quickly move to traceability in their JIT supply chain or lean manufacturing plans. Does your agent have the knowledge to keep a conversation going and generate a lead, if a prospect wants to chat there and then?

With an industry specialist telemarketer, if interest is sparked, the lead won’t go cold (i.e., arranging a call back to speak to an expert). And a genuine conversation will leave a warm, lasting impression that sets you apart in a way that’s hard to replicate without years of experience.

They can share their strategic bandwidth

The majority of organisations partner with a telemarketing agency to tap into tried-and-tested techniques that will take a campaign from satisfactory to superb.

The strategic know-how of specialists is a gold mine when it comes to unearthing and closing opportunities. This insight is an invaluable prospecting tool on the phone. But it can also be shared with your business early on to shape your campaign strategy.

For example:

  • Organisation personality:

When an industry specialist telemarketer sees Company A, Company B and Company C, they will see different approaches to warm each one. Entrenched in the industry, they’ll know through experience the most suitable information for lead generation, and how to warm the gatekeeper.

  • Pressing issues:

Specialists understand the wider world of an industry, and how the organisation they’re representing and the prospect they’re targeting fit in. This means being uber-aware of pressing issues that will underpin a constructive conversation and generate a lead. Such as lean efficiency, Industry 4.0 and sustainability regulations in the manufacturing industry.

  • General domestics:

Something so simple, but so effective, is being in the right place at the right time. Industry specialist telemarketers know the best days and times to pick up the phone and start a fruitful conversation.

  • Credible language:

Signaling to a prospect that you understand them can boil down to language that will prick ears and present you as credible, knowledgeable and an ideal fit. Take manufacturing vocabulary like downtime, traceability, operational technology and continuous improvement, for example.

  • Prospect personas:

For specialists, industry context is intuition. Through regularly selling to and selling for an industry, they will have a strong idea about personas. Let’s say, someone who uses IFS ERP over SAP ERP – the benefits of the different manufacturing software will reveal priorities that industry specialists can immediately act on.

Would your organisation like stronger leads from targeted campaigns? Bollin Green has a team of industry specialist telemarketers, spanning a range of industries including manufacturing and its surrounding supply chain infrastructure. And if your campaigns are aiming further afield, our team of native language speakers can get you selling across Europe!

We’d love to see how we can help find and drive your new business opportunities. To arrange an introductory conversation, click here or call 01625 626209 today.

Joe Green

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