How email and telemarketing are a match made in heaven


Telemarketing and email marketing are two marketing tactics that when paired correctly can be one of the highest lead converting methods in your arsenal. In this short blog, we are going to explore some key ways that you could bring these tactics together in your future campaigns.

1. Grow your email list

Due to updated privacy rules and regulations, it is essential you seek the permission of any new contacts before you add them to your mailing list. Many people will simply ignore or delete an email from an unknown sender, especially if it has been sent unsolicited. Gaining emails through telemarketing, however, is much easier. People are more likely to hand out their contact information if they know there is a genuine human at the other end. Pair this with a powerful value-proposition and it quickly becomes the best way of introducing people to your company. And as an added benefit you gain their permission to send them information about your company via email.

2. Solidify telemarketing exchanges

When you engage with an interested customer on the phone, you may exchange a lot of information about who your company is and what services you provide. It can be difficult, however, for people to remember information that has not been written and recorded for them to look back on. A summary email should always be sent after a successful telemarketing call to ensure the recipient has a reminder and record of all the information they have been given.

3. Create an easier customer journey

After communicating with a potential customer via a phone call, it is essential you help them complete their customer journey as effortlessly as possible. For example, after the phone exchange, you could send a potential customer an email with all the relevant links and information about your product or services that they can read at their own leisure. This will prevent a potential customer from having to search for your company after the call, which they may forget to do.

4. Solidify your brand

Once you have introduced your brand to a client on the phone, sending them an email complete with your company branding (e.g. logo, motto, colour scheme and aesthetic) will help solidify your company image in their mind. This will help a client to remember your business in the future all whilst creating a deeper understanding of your company.

If you would like to learn more about how telemarketing and email can support one another, do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Joe Green

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