Our top tips for reconnecting with clients and leads after lockdown


As the national lockdown eases on the 4th of July and people begin to return to a new normal, it’s vital for businesses to reconnect with their leads and clients. Whether you’ve been working from home, were furloughed, or carried on with business as usual, your contacts need to know what your situation is and how you’ll be doing business from now on. Here are our top tips for reconnecting after lockdown:

1. Make a plan

Review how you contact your clients. Did email marketing work best previously? Or do your contacts prefer a phone call? Make sure you’re still connecting with people via their preferred option. You then need to have a plan for what to say to them, what messages about the business you want to convey and also what you want them to do at the end of the communication. Is there something you can offer to your contacts to help them out? Or can you tap into a new market in the new normal?

2. Get the tone right

Many people have had negative experiences during the lockdown and it has had a significant impact on their mental and physical health. Remember, a lot of businesses have been seriously, negatively, affected by the lockdown and coming across with rose-tinted glasses may annoy people more than it does getting them on board. Make sure that when you reach out, you are compassionate and friendly and you listen to what your client or lead is telling you about their situation and any feedback they may provide. This will ultimately help you to build rapport again with your contacts.

3. Stay in touch!

If you’ve lost contact with people throughout lockdown, make sure that when you re-establish contact, you don’t let it go. Knowing that you’re the business who reached out to them, listened to them, had a great offer that was relevant to them and kept in touch will go a long way to creating fantastic brand ambassadors out of your clients, and generating repeat business.

4. Get personal.

As people return to “normal” work, they want to establish a connection. From a business perspective, the lockdown has seen a lot of people isolated away from colleagues, suppliers and business partners. There is no time like the present to get personal and speak to your clients and leads.  And there’s no better way to do that than with an effective telemarketing strategy.

We’re offering free consultations to all business who have been affected by the lockdown. If you’re interested in discovering what and how telemarketing can help your sales and marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lets go Back to Basics!

Joe Green

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