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There’s more to Telemarketing than meets the eye.

When you think of B2B telemarketing or telemarketing in general, your mind most likely jumps straight to cold calling, but there’s far more to telemarketing than just that. In a modern campaign, professional telemarketers use a whole suite of tactics to deliver the desired result.

Effective telemarketing agencies now pair it with the right content, social media and email marketing strategies to provide a quick turnaround on producing sales qualified leads and building their clients sales pipelines.

Effective calls lead to more intelligence, more critical data, more opportunities and quicker conversions.

Our Telemarketing Services

We offer a full suite of telemarketing services, available individually or as a comprehensive Inside Sales solution. Whether you need support with your day-to-day sales, or an individual campaign such as a new product launch or an event, we can help you achieve the results you need.

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Why use telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a quick and powerful way to boost your overall campaign’s return on investment. Whether you’re taking a broad approach, such as Inbound, or a narrow & targeted approach, such as ABM, to your marketing – telemarketing can support your campaigns.

With a considerable uptake in marketing approaches like Inbound, people often forget about the human element in the purchasing process. Picking up the phone and speaking to people is the most powerful way to build a personal relationship with your prospects, gain insight into their pains, challenges and personality that other forms of marketing are just not capable of providing.

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Our Stance on Telemarketing

Our approach to keeping in-house calling within the UK has proved to be a smarter solution than organisations attempting to hire new agencies in their target territories. Our stance on Telemarketing is, it’s not just about calling, but the understanding of propositions and the market. We believe knowledge is key, and language requirements follow that.

We ensure our callers understand each of our clients’ propositions and their prospect’s challenges, which is a standard Bollin Green approach. At the same time, the calls completed in the local dialect, the outcomes to each conversation will be delivered in English (if desired) to allow our clients to both manage the campaign outputs and allow a full understanding of every opportunity in their desired territory.

Why Bollin Green?

We at Bollin Green pride ourselves on the wealth of knowledge and experience that we’ve gathered over the years by working with a diverse range of clients. Our expertise has given us a unique position in the market as it allows us to truly understand and represent businesses as if we where an internal team. We become an extension of your organisation.

This same experience allows us to understand what the key differences are between genuine leads and perceived ones – allowing you to save budget and increase sales in the long run, by focusing your internal team on actual opportunities.

We are the voice of our clients, and we understand the importance of delivering meaningful data, pre-sales intelligence and real opportunities to their sales pipelines. We create solutions that drive real business growth.


Our unique full-stack approach to lead generation means your leads and prospects will get a consistent experience with your brand, no matter where in their buyer’s journey they are.

Global Reach

With experience throughout EMEA, APAC and the Americas, you can rest assured we’ll be able to support your next campaign, no matter who you’re targeting.

Intelligent Reporting

Our reports go far behind just data; it paints a real picture of your opportunity landscape and the personas, the demands and the challenges of your markets.

Maximised ROI

Using the intelligence we gather allows you to maximise your ROI by reducing the wasted time your sales team is spending on non-SQL leads.

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