4 ways telemarketing can maximise your marketing returns


Nothing lets you speak to your customers as directly as a phone call. Sure, face-to-face meetings have a purpose and a lot of business gets done this way, but how many times have you left a meeting wishing you didn’t agree to something reactively on the spot? Or felt frustration that you didn’t share your point of view?

Perhaps you followed up with a call to say what you really wanted to say.

When running multi-channel marketing campaigns, speaking directly to your leads and customers provides an opportunity to significantly boost your returns. Here are four reasons why:

1. Get direct feedback

Speaking directly to your leads and customers allows you to get honest and clear feedback. When concerns are raised, this open and direct feedback gives your business an opportunity to resolve it and convert or retain the customer. Something no other marketing tactic can do. As an added benefit, taking the time to pick up the phone and speak to someone, shows you really do value them as a customer – something online feedback forms don’t do.

This specific feedback can also be shared with other areas of your business to help improve what you do.

2. Boost other marketing & sales efforts

Your marketing campaigns are likely to be spread over multiple channels. Strategically planning the timing of your telemarketing activity can give your campaigns a real boost. For example, calling a lead about an email they have already opened can help clarify things and encourage them to do what you want them to do.

Another example of this would be lead quality control. Most marketing systems grade leads based on activity, for example, visits to a website, downloaded content, filled out forms etc. But this doesn’t necessarily show an intent-to-buy or even qualify if that lead is the decision-maker. Basic qualification strategies like BANT easily be completed when speaking to someone directly on the phone, but difficult to do when looking at a leads web activity alone. BANT is a powerful way of identifying if a lead has the Budget, Authority, Need and Time required in order to progress down the funnel to a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Ultimately helping to keep your sales pipeline filled with high-quality leads and reducing sale pipeline bloat.

3. Resolve issues directly

Speaking to your leads and customers gives you an opportunity to directly address questions or concerns before they turn to searching for alternative solutions. The moment that your lead asks a question in a search engine, you can rest assured that your competitors are paying to answer it for them.

4. Customise what you say

Having a conversation on the phone allows your business to customise what you say to directly fit with the individual you are speaking with. This can really help you build rapport and tailor your solutions to specific problems. You’ve most likely heard of an elevator pitch, but the real value comes in the form of a value proposition. A value proposition is similar to an elevator pitch but adjusted to show the value your business can bring to that specific lead. This is extremely tricky to pull off if you’re using automated marketing strategies but easily done on the fly when talking to someone directly.

We can help

At Bollin Green, we have been delivering telemarketing campaigns for over 20 years. Our highly trained team have helped many businesses, large and small, deliver excellent results by adding telemarketing to their marketing activity.

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