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Reach the right people with integrated marketing support.

Telemarketing delivers results and boosts your business’s bottom line – but it can be even more effective when it’s coupled with integrated marketing.

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Telemarketing has been a tried and trusted method among businesses for many years. But integrating it with other marketing channels – including content, social media, email and direct mail – can reap real rewards.

At Bollin Green, we take hard data and use it as a foundation on which to build strategic conversations – without forgetting the importance of the personal touch. Coupling telemarketing with other forms of communication isn’t only cost-effective – it can also help you expose your brand to the right people and keep leads warm.

Whether you’re working on a specific project or on an ongoing basis, our marketing support team can guide more leads towards completion and help close complex B2B deals – thereby boosting your business’s all-important bottom line.


Strategic conversations with leads, with a personal touch


Expose your brand to the right people


Complement telemarketing with other key channels


Use data to present a compelling case to leads


Keep leads warm until ready and guide more to completion

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