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Telemarketing is a tried and trusted tool in the B2B world of business development and lead generation, but there are occasions when it pays dividends to integrate one-to-one calls with other marketing activities.

When multiple stakeholders or decision makers are involved in the buying process or it’s a particularly long buying cycle, augmenting calling with additional communications can be a cost-effective way to keep leads warm and maintain brand exposure to the right people.

To help our clients with this, we offer a range of integrated marketing support activities to provide a cross-platform drip of communications throughout lead generation or lead nurture campaigns.

Our Marketing Services


Quality content is a fantastic tool to build engagement with your prospects. Providing relevant and informative answers to issues, problems and questions shows you know how to help.

By taking the time to understand your brand, target audience and marketplace, we can create a content strategy and a wide range of content pieces that deliver real value to prospects.

Email Marketing

A highly effective channel when employed correctly, email marketing can contribute a lot to the marketing mix.

See who has opened, clicked and downloaded assets to build a well-rounded prospect profile that will give telemarketers the edge when having a conversation.

From top-of-the-funnel activity to position you as educational and informative, to sales-specific messaging, our marketing team will design, build and send your emails and can even set up an email platform on your behalf.

Social Media

Social media may not be a key lead generation channel for every business but it’s certainly an engagement platform not to be neglected. From brand-level content which showcases your values to highly targeted advertising campaigns, social media has a lot to offer.

Our specialists can help with running campaigns, producing social assets and even managing the distribution of that on your channels for a completely hands-off service. All aligned to an agreed tone of voice that fits your brand personality and curates a broad, relevant and engaging social media presence.

Direct Mail

Direct mail can wow your target audience as part of a targeted campaign. It’s also an unbeatable talking point for telemarketing specialists.

We’re not talking traditional ‘junk mail’ here, but communications with real star quality. We can create a concept that perfectly enhances your proposition, from personalised hotel key cards, “grow your own” desk plants or origami hearts for Valentine’s Day.

These are just a few ideas that have worked to impressive effect and helped telemarketers break the ice.

Case Study:
Sentis Managed Solutions

Sentis wanted to generate IT managed services leads from 5-star hotels.

The campaign consisted of emails, content pieces and a bespoke direct mail piece. We sent the direct mail to all prospects as a hotel key card, offering the key to ending their IT woes!

Each prospect’s key card was personalised and came with a branded wallet and presentation box. Personalisation extended to dynamically-generated landing pages. With email analytics showing who had engaged with the campaign, Bollin Green could prioritise telemarketing to prospects showing the highest interest.

The results were fantastic for Sentis. A quarter of prospects in the campaign agreed to an appointment.

Example marketing support campaigns

All support activity includes a discovery session with our team of B2B marketing specialists. We’ll also handle as much or as little as you need and can fit in with your own marketing department.

Example: Lead nurture campaign

This type of campaign would typically run between 3-9 months to introduce your brand or proposition then continue to drip educational & informative content to a range of prospects in an organisation.


Campaign landing page or microsite


Targeted LinkedIn advertising campaign


Emails delivered via workflow automation


Social Assets


Content Pieces

Example: Light touch brand introduction campaign

Typically, this kind of campaign would be run as a pre-cursor to a telemarketing campaign and would run over a 2-4 week period to introduce your brand and warm up prospects.




Content Pieces


Social Assets

Example: Event Support

Our team are skilled in having engaging conversations with delegates before, during and after events. We can even manage the whole delegate acquisition process for you.

  • Ensuring your most important customers and prospects visit you on your stand.
  • Finding new delegates to attend your event.
  • Carrying out post-event research to understand the success of your event
  • Converting delegates into new business opportunities
Interested in an integrated marketing campaign? Let’s talk.

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