Four often overlooked content marketing techniques


You can have the very best product on the market or a business solution that will blow people’s minds, but you will be unable to make a success of your business if your content marketing isn’t up to scratch. That may seem like a sales pitch designed by an intrepid content marketer, but it’s true; if people don’t know your business exists, you’ll never be able to make it flourish.

Many companies are aware of the value of blogging, and the importance of having an array of social media accounts, but there is far more to content marketing than this. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at four top content marketing techniques that many businesses routinely overlook.

1. Make use of visuals

When most people hear the word ‘content’ they tend to think solely of the written word, but that is by no means the case. Infographics, images, podcasts and videos are all viable content mediums, and should all form part of your marketing arsenal. Research has found that people are 40% more likely to respond to content that is visual, so don’t ignore the power of pictures.

2. Focus on headlines

You can have the most informative and ground-breaking article imaginable, but if the headline isn’t strong enough to lure people in, they’ll never get to read your work of genius. If you don’t believe us, then just use this article as an example; would you be reading these words had the headline not captured your attention?

3. Understand and appeal to your key audience ahead of the mass market

Do you know what your audience really wants? Do you know what medium to use to reach them? Do you understand what content appeals to them most? Have you got any offers that they will bite your hand off to acquire? It is far better to create content that is targeted to a very specific group of engaged people rather than trying to reach absolutely everyone.

4. Re-purpose, but don’t repeat

When you are creating content it is very likely that it will, to some extent, be quite a niche. It will be focused largely on your business’ core offerings and explaining why people need to take note, and that’s completely fine; however, this being the case, you may quickly find that you run out of completely unique content ideas.

Should this occur then don’t be afraid to re-purpose older content; give it a fresh lick of paint, include latest facts and statistics, make use of up-to-date examples, or change the format slightly to ensure that even if the content isn’t entirely new, it is still going to be relevant and useful to your target audience.

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Joe Green

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